Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Pizza Tart

A couple weeks ago we went up to Apple Hill to pick some, well what better than... APPLES along with several other moms and kiddos.  It was a busy job trying to find and pick the good apples, keep the kid from eating the fallen rotten apples, and keeping him from slipping and sliding on the damp grass and mud. Next year we'll go picking sooner and select a different place to go picking since this orchard seemed a bit neglected.  Regardless, we successfully picked 10.5 pounds of yummy apples for $1/pound!

 What to do with all the apples. That is the question. Aaron has put a pretty big dent into our apple supply, but I was able to score some to make a delicious treat from my childhood.  My mom used to make, what we called "Apple Pizza".  It's nothing like a pizza other than it's shape so you can stop thinking about how gross it would be to have apples on your pizza....well, on second thought a pizza with apples, gouda cheese and some sort of cream sauce might be great.  I digress.  The origins of this so-called "Apple Pizza" recipe go back to when my mom lived in Okinawa in 1977. She got it from a French woman she met while living there.

To make the apple pizza, you first need to make a homemade pie crust. I know, I hate making pie crusts too, but they're so much better than store bought and in this case the store bought ones won't work.  I used the pie crust recipe in my Better Homes & Gardens cookbook with the changes mentioned in the recipe card below.

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 Since I don't own a metal pizza pan, I made do with a cookie sheet.
Place the apples on the raw pie crust in a circular fashion.
Add the pudding cream sauce.
All done and ready to consume, mmmmm!
I have never mentioned it before, but if you try one of my recipes and love it, hate it, or have questions about how to make it, simply leave a comment. I'll be sure to promptly respond.  :)

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  1. Did it taste as good as it looks? :o)
    I want some!

  2. Just like I remembered, mom! I think it's been at least 15 years since I had it last. I liked it cold best.

  3. I just made this to take to a dinner tonight. In a hurry and didn't pare the apples, but I did slice them very thin. I used 3 varieties (golden delicious, pink lady and McIntosh) so the colors looked very nice arrange on the crust. I'll let you know later if I liked eating it with the skins on! Also I used a short-crust pastry made in the food processor to hurry things up.