Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cookie Bonanza!

Last week, I got the urge to make a ton of cookies, which seldom happens since I usually end up talking myself out of it so I don't have to eat all the cookies.  I found the perfect solution to my dilemma.....pawn them off on unsuspecting friends by "Boo-ing" for Halloween!   On a blog, I found about about this friendly neighborly thing where you leave a yummy treat on a couple friends doorsteps with a sign "You've Got Boo'ed".  If you want to start the fun, go talented Kinzie's Kreations to get the printout and instructions.  I thought it was a cute idea :)

I made two kinds of cookies, M&M ones and shortbread-ish spice.    The M&M cookie recipe was adapted from my friend Lauren's chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I omitted the chocolate chips and stuck M&M's on top.  They were delish!  Softy, chewy, almost raw middle with a crispy outer edge.  The best of both worlds in my humble opinion.

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The frozen M&M cookie balls.  By the way, these will keep in the freezer for a while, so you have the option of making as many (or few) as you wish.

Although they don't look so pretty and perfect, they ARE fantastic!

To spice things up a bit, I decided to try out a knock-off recipe for those oh so good Biscoff cookies that I look forward to so much when flying Delta.  They're so thin and crispy with that wonderful caramelized sugar spice flavor.  I found a recipe on another blog that readers thought to be right on for flavor, but admitted the texture was a bit off.  Although the cookies tasted great, especially with a cup of coffee, they weren't the Biscoff knock-offs I had hoped for.  I'll post the recipe anyway since they were excellent, but next go around I am going to make some changes.

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The was thick like dough for a pie crust.
Spice cookies baking.  I experimented and baked the last batch an extra 4 minutes (24 min. total) so they'd caramelize more. I thought they were pretty good and gave it a different flavor from the first couple batches.

I put a few cookies in decorative bags, tied on the "You've Been Boo'ed" card and then distributed them to several neighbors.  The hubby even took some to some of his co-workers.  He loves Halloween, so he was all for the idea of "boo-ing" people at work.


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